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My Answers for The League of Women Voters of Howard County

1) QUALIFICATIONS: As a citizen candidate I bring lifelong experiences from not one but

two careers. I spent 34 years with the Navy to include serving at the Naval War College

and a tour as Commanding Officer. I spent 25 years with the Defense Intelligence Agency

before retiring from government service.

2) ECONOMIC INEQUITIES: One of the root causes is poor education. The state should

encourage quality education for all even if it means school choice over failing public


3) PUBLIC SAFETY: I am more worried over crimes committed by criminals then by police.

We need to support our law enforcement officers both in the police force and on the bench.

4) EDUCATION: The COVID pandemic ratified the need to avoid closing schools, on-line

learning and wearing masks.

5) HEALTH: The Heroin and Opioid Drug Crisis continues to challenge our communities.

Drugs seeping into our country from our porous southern border are not helping.

6) NATURAL RESOURCES: We need to lower the cost of energy even if it means allowing

fracking and increasing our supply of clean fossil fuel.

7) LOCAL PROJECTS: The issue is combating noise pollution from aircraft operating out

of BWI Airport. This pollution originated from policies by the Federal Aviation

Administration that impact aircraft arrivals and departures. We need to return to vectoring

flight paths over greater areas for both arrivals and departures while raising the flight

path elevation threshold to as high as safely feasible.

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